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I'm a newbie to Animation, wanna help me out in a flash?

2012-03-05 22:45:47 by SonickHero194

I have this program Macromedia Flash 8, and I've been practicing with flash lately and have gotten a tad bit better using it and expanding myself with colors and motion tweening, along with inbetweens and shit like that. ove-Flash-288242327 <-- Here's an example that I have made for my girlfriend and I with our characters just being cute :P

It's only a loop, but that's me just experimenting with what I know with Flash with the motion tweening and inbetweens along with using the colors and stuff.

So comment please and let me know if you'd wish to help me out with flash or even give me tips even.
I could really use the help :'D

I would also like to practice with audio too, so any tips with that would really really help as well ^^

Thanks, HaloMillennium


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