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I have this program Macromedia Flash 8, and I've been practicing with flash lately and have gotten a tad bit better using it and expanding myself with colors and motion tweening, along with inbetweens and shit like that. ove-Flash-288242327 <-- Here's an example that I have made for my girlfriend and I with our characters just being cute :P

It's only a loop, but that's me just experimenting with what I know with Flash with the motion tweening and inbetweens along with using the colors and stuff.

So comment please and let me know if you'd wish to help me out with flash or even give me tips even.
I could really use the help :'D

I would also like to practice with audio too, so any tips with that would really really help as well ^^

Thanks, HaloMillennium

I know how to add it on and everything, I just need help with using the proper audio formats and what audio recording programs would be best to use AND where or what kind of microphone I need to use without any cruddy noise in the background and/or poor quality.

I have been practicing animation, I'm very noobish at it xD, but I can't really upload here or else it'll just rejected and forced to be deleted just like my last flash (though this new one I've made is A LOT better than the other one).

I'd rather not take the risk again, so I'll just link it from my deviantART page: First attempt at flash <--Click

Just please leave me some proper feedback and I'll be truly appreciative; i really want to get into this animation stuff more ^^

I don't know how people know about me being here on Newgrounds (I'm usually busy with people on deviantART), but yeah.. I just completely forgot about this site a little while after my last post.

Only real reason is because of my forgetfulness.. but also the ever mighty place called SCHOOL
It's just a real pain in the ass lately and it's causing me to struggle and flush my grades down the toilet.
Therefore, bringing parents back into power to actually be parents and take my shit away.
My shit referring to the only thing(s) I use every day because I really have no life: my laptop.

Understandable, but even then, I can't do anything in my spare time when I really have time to draw or something.
I dunno.. I do promise to try to get myself on my feet to post.. at least some semi-awesome things on this site.

Anywho, I just had a good Christmas, and I hope you all did too :)

I finally got a tablet (though I'm just borrowing it from a friend, she wants to give it to me cuz she doesn't like it) and I'm already getting the hang of it

So hopefully I'll be posting more of my artsy-fartsy crap soon :)

First Blam lol

2011-10-13 19:26:43 by SonickHero194

I finally animated something and it gets blammed lol
I know I need to practice more but still
It wasn't that bad considering I've NEVER flash animated before and I had no idea on how to use the program
So yeah lol.

Any tips on how to make them easier to do and better will be very very very helpful :D
I'm using now Macromedia Flash 8 Portable.

Ok seriously.

2011-10-03 14:29:17 by SonickHero194

I'm really dead here, and I doubt anyone knows that I exist here
So.. what's the point really? lol

I've always wanted to try voice-acting, but after listening to my shitty teen voice I found that my voice sucks compared to others I've heard.
But just in case, if anyone out there is interested, if anyone wants to hear some kind of preview of my voice and consider whether or not using me for their flashes or something, then tell me so.

It would really be appreciated and helpful :)

**I kinda can't do it at the moment now because I'm down with a cold and feeling like shit, so I'll try later on eventually when I get over it. So please let me know if you wanna hear my voice**

For some reason today I wanted to get going on this more than anything.
I hear this site is perfect for music and flash, yet I can't flash animate for shit xD

Well, I'll figure it out, and I'll find a flash program eventually too Lol.
I'll attempt to keep this updated as much as possible, but don't get your hopes up invisible people who I am talking to :D

Please visit my DeviantART at:
I'm on that more than anything now-a-days; it's like a facebook to me xD

SonickHero194 here is my DeviantART, incase anyone happens to not know me and come across here.
Hope anyone visits though; I would be very much appreciative :D

Yea.. I'm not really busy.. ever. But I really should be towards my school work and other things.


I need a life..